***Ship 3 for the price of 1***

We have some amazing art that we need to get to your doorstep.  Although our aluminum prints are more durable than your average canvas, we still take every precaution necessary to ensure they are escorted to you with care.

Our prints break down into 3 tiers based on shipping requirements-

Tier 1 - No Crate ($0) and Shipping ($15)

Tier 2 - Crate ($65) and Shipping ($75)

Tier 3 - Large Crate ($100) and Freight Shipping ($250)

When placing an order of multiple prints, you can have up to 3 prints shipped in the same crate without incurring additional shipping charges.  This means that if you buy 3 prints, the shipping on 2 of them is essentially free.  You'll see which tier of shipping each print requires in the product description.  When selecting your shipping tier at checkout, be sure to select whichever tier matches the highest tier from the products in your cart.

You'll be the envy of your neighborhood when the freight truck shows up with your crate full of beauty.

Feel free to contact us with further questions

Thank you!